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LADIS 2010: The 4th ACM SIGOPS/SIGACT Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware

Held in conjunction with PODC in Zürich, Switzerland, 28-29 July 2010.

NEW: Due to the high volume of registrations, we have reached capacity for our dinner cruise banquet on Lake Z├╝rich. If you still wish to register, there is more information here.

The accepted papers and program can be found here.

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LADIS 2010 will bring together researchers and practitioners in the fields of distributed systems and middleware to discuss the challenges of building massive distributed computing systems and clouds. By posing research questions in the context of the largest and most-demanding real-world systems, LADIS serves to catalyze dialog between cloud computing engineers and scalable distributed systems researchers, to open the veil of secrecy that has surrounded many cloud computing architectures, and to increase the potential impact of the best research underway in both the systems and theory communities.

Due to the co-location with PODC, this year's LADIS will devote special attention to promoting exchange of ideas between the theory and systems communities on the topics related to design, implementation, performance and underlying principles of large-scale distributed systems and cloud computing.

This workshop invites work and promotes the exchange of ideas in the following topics:

  • Consistency, reliability and fault-tolerance models for cloud computing infrastructures and the technologies to support them (e.g. convergent consistency, transactions, state-machine
  • Novel storage organizations for large scale systems (e.g., no-SQL databases or key-value storage), snapshot and weak isolation models, scalable and elastic transaction approaches (e.g. mini-transactions), wide-area transactions.
  • Large-scale infrastructure technologies (e.g. Chubby, Paxos, Zookeeper, group membership services, distributed registries).
  • Support and programming models for scalable cloud-hosted applications and services (e.g. map-reduce, global file systems, pub-sub, multicast, group communication).
  • Power and other resource management tools (e.g. virtualization and consolidation, resource allocation, load balancing, resource placement, routing, scheduling).
  • Privacy tools and models (e.g. digital identity management, encrypting private data in the cloud, information flow in data centers).

Particular attention is given to challenges unique to the large-scale distributed systems and cloud computing domains. The workshop will last for a day and a half, which will include a mix of presentation of accepted papers and as well as keynotes from prominent industry speakers who have been there, made key decisions, and can talk about the architectures of the world's most demanding cloud platforms.

Previous LADIS keynote and invited speakers include Gennaro Cuomo (CTO, IBM WebSphere), Jeff Dean (Google Fellow), James Hamilton (technology guru for Microsoft's Cloud Computing initiative, now at Amazon), David Nichols (Microsoft Windows Live), Raghu Ramakrishnan (Yahoo! Fellow), Ben Reed (developer of Yahoo's Zookeeper), Marvin Theimer (Principal Engineer at Amazon), Franco Travostino and Randy Shoup (CTO and Chief Architect for eBay).

This year's keynote speakers are listed here.

You are invited to submit a position or short research paper expressing new ideas, research directions, or relevant opinions. Submission instructions are here.

Important Dates

Submissions Due
11 May noon EDT
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24 June
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7 July
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12 July
LADIS 2010
28-29 July
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22 August